Automated Report Scheduling

On Demand with i-ALERT:
Easily Check Asset Condition and Schedule Reports 24/7 

Set up a reports schedule in the Ai Platform and get asset condition and diagnostics straight to your Inbox. If you already have access to the i-ALERT Asset Intelligence (Ai) Platform you now have the ability to schedule reports and check Asset Condition at your own convenience. 

How it Works–
  • Reports can be set up either at a site level or even for individual assets
  • Scheduled Reports will include the latest diagnostic results, associated faults and recommended fixes.
  • Schedule reports and send them to users, regardless if they have access to the Ai Platform. 
  • Simply, login to your i-ALERT Ai Platform account, go to the Reports section and select the Assets you want to monitor on a scheduled basis. 
  • Define how often you would like to receive the reports in your inbox, save your selection and you are done! 
  • You will receive i-ALERT reports straight to your inbox! 
Automated Scheduler

Sample Report

Take advantage of the i-ALERT solution and the Remote Monitoring/Diagnostic capabilities of the System. Use i-ALERT Gateways and schedule Diagnostics for your assets. No need to waste time logging in to the Ai Platform anymore. We provide everything you need to avoid any unplanned failures.