i-ALERT Gateway

Add remote monitoring capabilities by leveraging remote data collection devices.

The i-ALERT Gateway provides a secure connection between the i-ALERT sensors and the i-ALERT Ai portal. Apply power and let the gateway automatically connect to the cellular network and configure all the i-ALERT sensors in range.

i-ALERT Gateway

Technical Specifications

  • Cellular WAN: LTE, 3G
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 (Max 12.5 dBm)
  • Wireless Range: 30-100m (100-300ft)
  • Power: 120-240 VAC or 6-90 VDC
  • Temperature: -30󠄽˚C to 60 ˚C (-22˚F to 140˚F)
  • Enclosure: IP68 / NEMA4xl, Class 1 Division 2


Flexible Data Collection and Access
Scalable Predictive Maintenance at Any Level

Mobile App

AI Platform


Data Integration
  • On-Demand Vibration & Temperature
  • Around the Clock Trends
  • Retrieve Vibration Spectrum on Demand or in Alarm
Route Based Monitoring
  • Manage Team Data Collection Activities
  • View Consolidated Data from All Assets
  • Automated Reports & Notifications
Remote Monitoring
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Plug and Play Configuration (Auto-detect)
  • Typical Range of 30-100m (100-300ft)
Full Integration
  • Data Integration
  • RESTful API (Real-Time data feed)
  • Data Historian System Integration (OMF)