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Measurement / Feature
Monitor Vibration, Magnetic Flux, Kurtosis, Run Time, Temperature
Pressure and Temperature
Average Battery Life (Temperature Dependent)
2-3 years
2 years
24-7 Continuous Monitoring (0.5 - 5 minute interval)
Trend Machine Data (0.5 - 60 min interval or on alarm)
Analytical Tools (Download TWF, FFT data)
Receive Local Notifications to Mobile Device
Automatically Baseline and Set Alarm Thresholds
Manually Set Alarm Thresholds
C1D1 Hazardous Rated
Replaceable Battery
i-ALERT Gateway 1,2

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1. Includes hardware, data and cellular charges.
2. Must have an i-ALERT Ai Platform Subscription (not included).
i-ALERT Ai Platform with Diagnostics

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Minimum 20 sensors
1. Pressure Sensor for Ai Portal
2. No automated diagnostics for
pressure sensor. 

Local Monitoring / Troubleshooting
Remote Continuous Monitoring
Remote Updates of Sensor Configuration
Produce Machine Level Reports
View data trends
Customize data collection activities on your device
Ability to export raw data (.csv, .pdf)
Automated Machine Diagnostics
Plant Level View of all machines
Plant Wide Performance Monitoring
Plant Level Reporting
Upload and Store Machine Documentation
Share/Reassign Data Collection Activities with team members
Receive notification of system/sensor changes