Monitor your machines right from your phone with the free mobile app.

Available for both iOS and Android smart phones.

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Easy to Use

Download for free the i-ALERT App to monitor machine performance right from your phone.  Put condition monitoring capabilities in the hands of the everyday user.
Save Time and Stay Safe

From a safe distance wirelessly connect to multiple i-ALERT enabled devices at once to quickly monitor all machines with in range.
Catch a Problem When it Happens

Not around when a upset condition occurs.  No problem with the i-ALERT built in data logger.  Trend vibration, temperature and kurtosis data once per hour and on alarm for 170 days.  Stores the weekly average, minimum & maximum up to 5 years.
Diagnose Machine Faults

Download tri-axial vibration spectrum data  in the form of the Time Wave Form and Fast Fourier Transform data sets to diagnose machine faults.
Look Up Machine Records

Look up machine technical details when you need the most - at the machine.  For ITT Goulds Pumps equipment enter the serial number and load a repair parts list, pump performance curve and pump data sheet.
Schedule Condition Monitoring Activities

Automate your data collection activities.  Just like setting up a music playlist select the machines, schedule, time, type of route and follow the on screen instructions.
Generate Reports

Too often time is wasted generating reports from traditional condition based monitoring programs.  Let the i-ALERT App do the hard work and generate reports for you.