i-ALERT Ai Platform

$89 per year / per sensor

Monitor all of your i-ALERT sensors and machines from a simple web interface.

- AI Platform FAQ

i-ALERT Ai Platform


i-ALERT Ai P​latform

Monitor and manage of all your i-ALERT enabled machines and sensors in one place. This subscription service requires no software to download or dedicated hardware to run.
Track Your Plant Performance

Track of the overall performance of all your machines in your plant. Set up different sites, zones or areas to compare how one area is performing to the other.
Get a Complete History of Your Machine

Stop wasting time piecing together the machine history from different data sources. View trend data, machine notes, technical data and vibration spectrum data all visualized in a simple timeline.
Analyze and Diagnose Machine Faults

View vibration spectrum data in all three axis. Use the built in analysis tools to view and analyze FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and TWF (Time Waveform) data sets to diagnose machine faults.
Manage Data Collection Activities

Create, View, Assign and Edit data collection activities from the Routes Control Center. Measure on-time performance, see what routes are due, by when and by who.