New i-ALERT3 Wireless Sensor Delivers Industry Leading Remote Monitoring Capabilities 

Helps Industrial Manufacturers Increase Productivity and Minimize Unplanned Machine Downtime
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i-ALERT3 Wireless Condition Sensor

The i-ALERT® solution expands machine protection with a new generation of technology in its new i-ALERT3 sensor, which more quickly, accurately, and cost-efficiently identifies and diagnoses mechanical and electrical failures in pumps, motors, and other industrial machines before they occur. The enhanced technology enables quicker and more accurate detection of potential issues using a wider vibration frequency range.

Automated Diagnostics

Built in intelligence automatically detects and diagnoses machine issues. Learn more

Solve Problems

Advanced vibration diagnostic tools are available to anyone who can use a smart phone or tablet. Learn more

Remote Monitoring

24/7 Continuous Monitoring
Plug and Play Configuration (Auto-detect)
Typical Range of 30-100m (100-300ft) Learn more

Easy to Install

The i-ALERT can be easily bolted onto the machine, epoxied to the machine with a mounting adapter or magnetically attached. Battery powered for 3-4 years under normal use.

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